How to configure the different currencies for the eCommerce's FrontOffice ?

To set the currencies up we must go to:

Menu.JPG > SETTINGS > Currencies

In this window, we can activate the different currencies we want to be displayed in the eCommerce’s FrontOffice.

A currency will always be set up as default.

The default currency can be changed in Main Settings or by pressing the Edit button next to the name of the currency (which will lead us to this window). There, we can find an option where a dropdown is displayed with all the active currencies in our eCommerce. This way, we can select the currency we want by default and its default currency symbol.


To add an additional currency, we must find it in the dropdown selector and press the "ADD" button.

Once we have the currency in this list, we can set the currency symbol we want to display with this currency.

It is important to point out that, even if LogiCommerce makes the currency conversion, it is not a multiple currency system. The currency exchange rates are updated daily so to display the current value of the currency. This allows us to be able to select the currency we want to display the prices in our web. Being this just a currency converter, the last step of the checkout process and the payment process with the bank, or any other payment system, will always be done in the web’s default currency.