How to edit legal terms?

The different legal texts are mandatory legal formalisms that should be performed with maximum accuracy. Besides, each branch of business activity has its own conditions and particularities, hence, should you have any doubt about the content or the setup of these texts, contact your legal advisor or lawyer to inform you about the specific texts that fit your eCommerce best.

In order to carry out the insertion of content in the legal terms, you have to go to:

Menu.JPG > SETTINGS> Legal terms

This window allows the user to insert, for each of the active languages, the following types of warnings and notifications:

Legal texts: this includes business identification data, terms of use of the eCommerce or the legal warnings that might be notified to the user.

Privacy policy: this is the text where the eCommerce’s user data protection policy is described in detail. It is here where the purpose and the use of the registered data is explained and whether the data is going to be sent to a third party or not.

These contents are displayed by clicking on their respective links in the legal terms acceptation checkbox, which is displayed in different locations of the FrontOffice, requiring an approval action (checkbox check) by the user.