How can I create a new payment system?

New payment systems are created by clicking on the button New payment system on the top of the window.


Now we are going to explain all the phases for the creation of a new payment system.

  • Type
    Payment system types can be offline systems (standard, cash on delivery and bank transfer) or online (the rest). Offline systems don’t require connection to third parties systems and are typically payments that are not executed at the moment. Online systems do require connection to other systems and payments are immediate. Here we have to select the payment system type that we are going to create among all the offered ones; for example, we can select Cash on delivery.


  • Name
    Here we need to introduce the name that later will be displayed in the FrontOffice at the moment the payment will be executed.


  • Enable
    If we enable the payment system it will automatically be available in the FrontOffice. Our advice is not to enable it until it is completely and correctly configured.


Once the creation of a new payment system is done, it can be edited to complete the rest of information, in case it is necessary.