What are the ePoints?

Epoints are a customer fidelizations system where the customer gets points by carrying out certain actions, such as making a purchase, commenting on some product or registering in our eCommerce

These points are given a monetary value, both for earning them as for spending them, as well as an expiry date. This way, customer can get discounts for their future purchases changing their points for an amount of money that can depend of a set of predefined rules in the ePoints configuration.

This functionality is designed to empower the fidelization of our customers.

Examples of how ePoints could be implemented, as it follows:

  • Buy more than 5 products and earn 10 ePoints

  • For each 10 products you buy, earn 10 ePoints

  • For purchases over 50#, earn 10 ePoints

  • For purchases between 50€ and 100€, earn 10 ePoints

  • Register to our newsletter and earn 10 ePoints

If your eCommerce has the user segmentation module active it is possible to customize how ePoints are earned for every different user group: For users belonging to group A, 10 ePoints are worth 1€, for users belonging to group B, 10 ePoints are worth 5€.