Where do I find the File Manager?

The File Manager can be found in the:

Menu.JPG > TOOLS > File manager



In this window, we can see a listing of all the files that can be managed in the eCommerce.

We can organize our files in folders, rename the files, move them, erase them and even search files.

For security reasons, not all file extensions are allowed. The only admitted extensions are as it follows:

htm, html, txt, doc, docx, dot, gif, ico, jpe, jpeg, jpg, mov, mp2, mp3, mpeg, mpe, mpg, pdf, pps, ppt, rtf, rtx, snd, swf, tif, tiff, wav, zip, xls, xlsx, png

Please keep in mind:

  • If we upload image files, they have to be in RGB color (for compatibility reasons with all web browsers).
  • There is no size limitation for the uploaded files, but it is convenient that these files are not big in order to keep the users of our eCommerce away from long download times. It is better to use several small files rather than a very heavy one.