How to configure FTP?

The setup of the FTP account consists in providing the system with the connection data and the credentials to establish a communication between the systems. This will allow file exchange actions including uploading image files to the server or generic file management actions like renaming or deleting files in the server.

Launching the eCommerce implies the automatic creation of the FTP account in our platform. However, the system is open to allow any other FTP account configuration.

To set up the FTP account go to:


The following data will be entered in this window:

Server: domain or the FTP server’s IP.
User: user to authenticate.
Password: authentication password.
Folder: name of the FTP account’s main folder. The token / means the connection will be established in the root.
Port: connection port number.

Once these values are entered, the connection can be checked by clicking on the Check connection button. This test will return a message showing success or failure of the connection.