How can I add a language?

Menu.JPG > SETTINGS > FrontOffice Languages

In this screen we will find a dropdown selector with all the available languages, where we will be able to add as many languages as we have hired.

The number of languages related to the eCommerce will depend on the eCommerce version and the additional languages that have been hired.

To add a language, we will have to select it from the list and click on the “+” icon that is displayed next to the dropdown.


In this moment, the language will be added to the list of languages that our eCommerce will use. From now on, in all the language sections of our LogiCommerce the recently added language tab will now be displayed.

The first language in the “Available languages” dropdown will be the default language and the others, the additional ones.

The order of this list can be changed by clicking and dragging up/down the selected language. Bear in mind that the system will always set the default language as the first in this list.

The values that we can set up are the following:

Visible: It shows whether the language is displayed in the FrontOffice or not. The default value is “NO”.

Image: Image linked to this language. This image will be displayed in the eCommerce language dropdown selector.

The previews that can be done in certain language tabs allow us to see how a page in the FrontOffice will be displayed in the desired language, even if this language is not being displayed yet. This allows for an online checking of the text we introduce for a certain language and to check the look the page will display.