Whats actions on labels?

We can move labels from a group to another by simply dragging and dropping it to the group we want.

Likewise, we can do certain actions in the contextual menu on the labels by right-clicking on the label:

  • Edit: to edit the label’s properties
  • Cut: to cut the label from its current group to afterwards paste it to another group
  • Copy: to duplicate the label
  • Delete: to delete the label permanently

The Paste label action(complementary to the cut and copy label) is found in the group’s contextual menu (right-click on the group’s name) as labels can only be copied or moved to other groups, and it is not allowed to to copy a label in its own group or in the Labels without group group.

Every department or element (product, categgory, …) can have their own groups and independent labels, so it is not possible to copy them from a department and paste them into a different one.