Which are the Related Elements Methods/Systems?

  • Manual: In the manual mode, the administrator of the eCommerce is the one setting manually the different elements of the store.
  • Automatic (managed from an external service): In the automatic mode, the algorithm of a third party is the one doing the relations between the elements. To this end, TLG Commerce offers the services of two customization store suites:

    BlueKnow: For more information about this content customization suite, visit http://www.blueknow.com/ If you’re interested in BlueKnow services, please contact TLG Commerce Commercial Department.

    BrainSins: For more information, visit http://www.brainsins.com/ If you’re interested in BrainSins services, please contact TLG Commerce Commercial Department.

  • Related: These related elements will be displayed in the purchasing process. This scans the shopping cart and displays the products that have been set as related. When a related product is added to the shopping cart, this is bound to the product having the relation, in a way that, if the main product is removed from the cart, the related product is also removed. In the same way, if we add an additional main product, an additional related product is also added.