How is a section created?

To create a section, we must access:

Para la creación de una sección, se habrá de acceder a:

Menu.JPG > SETTINGS > Sections

Once inside the sections area, a New Section button will be displayed, where we can proceed to the creation of a new section in our eCommerce. In the lower window, the different sections that have been created in the eCommerce are displayed.

When clicking on the New Section button, LogiCommerce offers different customization options for the section we are creating. This section includes the following fields:

Enabled: sets whether the section is active or not.

Type: sets the section type for the section we are creating (Products, categories, pages or posts).

Internal Id: Key level the section will have at internal level.

Position: Integer number symbolizing the section location in the FrontOffice.

System: Criteria assumed by the section when relating elements. It accepts the following values: Manual, BlueKnow, BrainSins or Vinculated.

Languages: In this tab you define the name and the image (in case it is needed) that will appear in the FrontOffice in the different languages ​​offered.

Depending on the version or the hired modules, additional tabs may be displayed to filter the section by User/Group or Country/Zone criteria.